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Technology is useful when it empowers you to do your best work. Our mission is to support your team by implementing technology solutions that not only empower your team but also align with your practice business model. In addition, our goal is to educate and inform you through regular business and technology blog posts. We post to our blog several times per week so please check back often for the latest updates.


3 Solutions that Can Fuel Business Growth

Owners of healthcare practices must reevaluate how they look at their businesses. It’s not always easy. When demand causes you to think bigger, your technology budget becomes a major priority. Let’s look at some changes a growing healthcare practice should consider. Most practices succeed when management adapts to challenges. Whether that means learning from specific....


Don’t Let Online Banking Leave Your Data Vulnerable

In today’s financially driven world, financial technology—aka “fintech”— allows people to manage their finances without stepping into a bank. A Bank of America study found that 62 percent of people now use digital banking. Here are a few ways to keep yourself safe while using mobile banking apps. Unfortunately, data theft is a concern. But....


3 Technologies Your Business Can Use Right Now

Many people underestimated the ravages of COVID-19 when it first appeared outside of China in late February 2020. Four months later, as the pandemic rages on, some employees continue working from home with their hours cut. Even worse, many remain unemployed. Business owners during this difficult time face hard decisions, including halting all major IT....


Avoiding Cybersecurity Placebos in Your Business

When it comes to your business, especially its technology, some of the buzzwords you hear sound pretty convincing. Unfortunately, like most buzzwords, many are aggrandized beyond their worth to the average small-to-medium-sized business. Let’s look at how these word placebos can impact a business’ perception of its cybersecurity, as well as examine the reality behind....

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