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Chiranjeet Jhala Client Support Engineer

Chiranjeet started his career in 2010 after the completion of his graduation in Computer Applications. He joined his father’s business, who insisted Chiranjeet journey or rather “hike” at ground zero, so he started as a machinery engineer. In his 3+ years of working at the factory Chiranjeet learned how to work with people, enjoy teamwork, multi-task; work with people whilst managing them and appreciate people’s efforts. In 2014 the business had to be shut down and Chiranjeet had to start afresh, which he did by joining a reputed local IT firm and has never thought of working in any other industry ever since. After 7+ years in this field, Chiranjeet feels he is living his passion every day. Chiranjeet is happily married and lives together with his parents & brother’s family. He enjoys reading fiction, watching sports/good TV shows. Exercising and sports are his second love. During the weekend Chiranjeet enjoys dining at restaurants with his group of friends/cousins, who have been together since schools days, followed by a round of card games and lot of chatter. 

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Food: Uncle’s Burger
  • Favorite Movie: Marvel Fan 
  • Passionate about learning and understanding all kinds of devices and gadgets, cars etc.


  • Over 7 years of IT experience.
  • Bachelor of Computer Application, G.U, INDIA. 

“Put yourself in the customer’s shoes & then apply your knowledge.”

Chiranjeet Jhala Client Support Engineer
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