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Treatment Planning for IT Success

Before performing any medical procedure, your staff must carefully plan treatment with your patients to ensure the best outcome. The same holds for IT when developing strategy and planning technology projects. We take time to understand your needs and properly diagnose and assess your systems to ensure the best possible results.

The health of your electronic records system is critical to the health of your practice. It utilizes many systems that must work in harmony to deliver the patient data you depend on. For this reason, we carefully work to develop the right IT strategy for your practice before moving forward. From best practices to systems and network design, plan for success with DHS!

Unfortunately, our industry is plagued by shoddy work including messy installations and poorly configured & managed networks. Not only does this hamper performance but it also creates serious security vulnerabilities that leave organizations at risk. Excessive downtime, slowness/freezing, failed backups, malware infestations, and even data breaches are the all-too-common results of bad IT choices and mismanagement.

At DHS, we’re dedicated to great IT and we simply won’t settle for bad IT. It all starts with an ultimate commitment to serve our client’s best interests and is followed up with adhering to a clearly defined and meticulously maintained set of best practices and procedures that allow us to achieve the same high-quality results, project after project.

Best practices are not built overnight. Our know-how is the result of years of practice and continual refinement. Each time we execute a project, we spend considerable time evaluating and learning what can be done even better next time. We then update our web-based master documentation system (called the “DHS Project Framework”), making this new information available to our technicians and engineers. Our team relies on the DHS Project Framework for step-by-step installation instructions utilizing best practices we’ve painstakingly built to achieve the high-quality results you deserve and need to secure, protect, and maintain your digital assets.  

Since we specialize in providing managed IT services to healthcare organizations, we’re fully aware of HIPAA-mandated regulations. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise in healthcare IT, we assist your practice in maintaining HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Don’t expose your practice to hefty regulatory fines resulting from data breaches due to poor EHR and network management practices. Data security noncompliance and breaches can lead to:

  • Exposing confidential PHI.
  • Damaged reputation with patients.
  • Federal criminal charges of up to $1.5 million.

To address HIPPA requirements, we make patient data security and network management best practices a top priority. DHS also uses the Compliancy Group (the industry leader in HIPAA compliance consulting) to voluntarily conduct annual audits of our HIPAA- related systems, processes, and procedures that have attained “HIPAA Verified” status through their program. We use Compliancy Group software and consulting services to ensure we remain fully compliant and our entire team has appropriate HIPAA training. We also offer their services to our clients at a discounted rate. Their expert consulting services and software simplifies the process of both attaining and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Every organization that serves in the healthcare industry and handles PHI (protected health information) must comply with HIPAA regulations. With our HIPAA knowledge and partner resources, we make it easy for you. With DHS, you won’t have to worry about patient PHI data breaches or HIPAA noncompliance. We’ve got you covered!

Network assessments are essential to developing a clear understanding of an organization’s current IT environment. This evaluation provides the information needed to take the next step in designing a network that will meet the client’s specific needs and requirements. 

DHS starts each new client relationship with a thorough network assessment. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your computers, servers, devices, software, security posture, and gather many useful IT metrics. Armed with this information, we’ll provide you a report, assessing the health and security of your systems, and if required, advise you on changes or improvements needed to enhance your network’s performance and security.

Network assessments are vital to the success of IT projects. Good baseline technical information leads to better planning and achieving better results. At DHS, we’re committed to IT excellence and network assessments are just one of the many ways we deliver this to our valued clients.

Like anything in life, without a good plan, we often don’t achieve the intended result. This is especially true when designing networks. Unless we take into account things like application, bandwidth, security, and connectivity requirements, systems won’t function correctly and performance will suffer. DHS takes great care during the design process to ensure the systems and networks we build meets your specific needs and perform at their best.

To achieve quality designs and excellent performance when building or upgrading your network, DHS utilizes a design methodology established by Cisco, one of our vendor partners, The “PPDIOO” model follows six steps:

  • Prepare
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Operate
  • Optimize

The benefits of the PPDIOO model include reduced costs, improved reliability, increased network performance, and better access to applications. This approach is particularly beneficial to practices integrating multiple sites into a single cohesive network.

Our use of PPDIOO underlies our commitment to provide IT excellence to you and your team.

We want our clients to value the services we deliver to them. We also want our clients to provide us clear and constructive feedback about our performance and service delivery. Is our communication with your staff effective? How are our response times to your service requests? Is there anything we could be doing to make your support experience better?

DHS understands that your focus is on providing the highest quality care to your patients—not IT. But we feel it’s important that you grasp what we do so you can make informed choices about the IT services that best serve your needs. That’s why we conduct quarterly technology business reviews. We want to build a relationship with you and your staff so that we can effectively fulfill your needs. 

R&D is key to what we do at DHS. Deploying new technology products quickly without completing a thorough evaluation and adequate lab testing is often a recipe for disaster. We’ve spent years refining our IT expertise including our technology solution set and deployment processes. When we implement a technology product for our clients, they can be confident that we’ve done our due diligence to provide them an effective solution that’s robust, reliable, and meets their intended use case.

No matter how great it is, no technology product is perfect. Often, the difference between success and failure lies in how a product is deployed. As a result, we’ve engineered a detailed deployment process for virtually every device and application we provide to our clients. This is another aspect of our R&D efforts. Our adherence to the processes we develop helps ensure success in each installation we perform and adds to the overall performance and usability of your EHR system.

As your provider of managed IT services, we’re ultimately responsible for your network. That’s why we take quality control measures like product research and development very seriously. Selecting the right technology products improves the functionality of your systems and in so doing, benefits your entire organization. R&D is yet another way we create value for our clients, which is the reason we exist as a company.

"Our organization runs smoothly thanks to DHS. We are a very busy practice and they respond in minutes to our urgent issues. They do great work and you really feel that they care."

Vincenzo Scalisi, Office Manager
Alameda Eye Physicians

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