ProActive Care:

Total care for your systems so you can focus on your practice.

The health of your Electronic Medical Records system is critical to the health of your practice. Your Electronic Medical Records system is made up of many sensitive, high-tech components required to deliver the electronic patient information you depend on. Systems can suddenly fail, leaving you without access to patient data, creating costly unproductive downtime, and possible data loss.

Instead of a break/fix support model that can leave you down and out, we monitor the health of your systems 24/7 using our powerful network monitoring tools that send us up-to-the-minute status reports. Using this data, we proactivily respond to issues and  maintain your systems on an ongoing basis, making them as reliable as possible. Our plan to deliver this level of support, called ProActive Care, features:

  • 24/7/365 Health Monitoring: Key health and performance metrics of your electronic health records system are monitored so we can proactively respond and either prevent or minimize downtime.
  • Unlimited Helpdesk: Unlimited technical support for your staff when software or issues are encountered. Simply email or call us with your help request and we will manage it to completion.
  • Fast Response Remote Support System: Our tools give us quick remote access to your systems, allowing us to share your screen and resolve issues quickly.
  • Unlimited On-Site Support and Projects: On-site visits to address issues are included as well as project work including hardware and software upgrades and replacement.
  • Vendor Management: We manage your hardware and software vendors to eliminate headaches and avoid unproductive staff utilization, saving you time and money.
  • Secure Email with Anti-Spam: Secure business-class email system with encryption for HIPAA compliance.
  • Advanced Data Backup and server redundancy system:
    • Completely automated and monitored system.
    • Backups every hour.
    • Data both backed up in office for fast data recovery and offsite for security.
    • In the event of an outage, the ability to quickly recover your system in our cloud location for continued access.
  • Weekly Maintenance of your EHR System Hardware and Software:
    • Hardware maintenance.
    • Software updates.
    • Security update verification/patching.
    • Security audits.
  • Asset Management: We inventory and catalog all device information including location, manufacturer, model #, serial #, and configuration. In addition, we digitally store your software and track licensing, allowing us quick access to the software and information we need to support you.
  • Site Cleanup & Organization: We take great pride in our expert-level cable management and hardware installation skills. We will clean up and tidy your existing computer/device installation, remove old outdated equipment, and securely delete old data.
  • Monthly Flat Rate: Instead of unpredictable support costs, we offer a flat monthly rate that provides A-Z support and maintenance of your systems.

supporting the health of your computer network

"I have spent decades working as a clinic manager for several healthcare providers in the SF Bay Area, and I have worked with many IT Support Providers over the years. DHS has consistently provided stellar customer service and immediate resolutions to all of our technical problems and they are the only IT Vendor I want to work with until I retire. The overwhelming challenges imposed on healthcare providers by our government and all insurance payers has made competent IT Support a critical necessity for surviving in today's healthcare world. I am truly thankful that I found DHS. In short, we all achieve personal and professional success thru business partnerships and my employers' partnerships with DHS have definitely proven to be extremely beneficial."

- Rick Kamerer, Manager
Alameda Eye Physicians

Authorized Lenovo Partner