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Benefits of hiring an MSP for Dental Practices

When we talk about the benefits of hiring a Managed Services Provider–an MSP for businesses, the kind of businesses we think about are retail, shops, restaurants, etc. We often tend to overlook the healthcare industry and particularly, dental practices, when, in fact, there’s a lot of value that an MSP can add to a dental … Continue reading “Benefits of hiring an MSP for Dental Practices”


Business Disaster: What Threatens Small Businesses the Most?

There are many threats to the integrity of a small business, and not all of them are as dramatic as a cyberattack or a hurricane. Every small business needs to do a risk assessment to determine all the threats that exist that could bring harm. External threats are the ones that get the most attention. … Continue reading “Business Disaster: What Threatens Small Businesses the Most?”


3 Solutions that Can Fuel Business Growth

Owners of healthcare practices must reevaluate how they look at their businesses. It’s not always easy. When demand causes you to think bigger, your technology budget becomes a major priority. Let’s look at some changes a growing healthcare practice should consider. Most practices succeed when management adapts to challenges. Whether that means learning from specific … Continue reading “3 Solutions that Can Fuel Business Growth”


3 Technologies Your Business Can Use Right Now

Many people underestimated the ravages of COVID-19 when it first appeared outside of China in late February 2020. Four months later, as the pandemic rages on, some employees continue working from home with their hours cut. Even worse, many remain unemployed. Business owners during this difficult time face hard decisions, including halting all major IT … Continue reading “3 Technologies Your Business Can Use Right Now”


What Makes VoIP So Different?

The differences between VoIP and the traditional method behind telephone services are pronounced enough that comparing them isn’t so much a consideration of one team versus the other—VoIP is in another league, practically an entirely different sport. Let’s go over what makes VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) so different, and how this offers greater benefits … Continue reading “What Makes VoIP So Different?”